Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Makes You Proud?

The Olympic Games has always been known not only for the sports, but for finding and showing off the pride everyone has for their country.  Wherever you go, be it Vancouver, Squamish or Whistler, Canadian Flags are hung everywhere and people are donning our country's signature colours.  I've never seen this amount of pride in one place before.  Not even on Canada Day. 

And it's not just Canadians who are showing off their pride either.  As my mom and I were leaving Wal-Mart yesterday, 3 RV's decked out in Germany's colours where turning into the parking lot.  They had scarves wrapped around their mirrors, fliags haning out every possible window, and a "Germany Goes For Gold"  sign plastered on the side of the vehicle.

It's great that people are taking the time to cheer for their country's athletes who have trained so hard for so long to get to where they are.  I can only imagine what it must feel like to have your whole country behind you cheering you on. 

While talking about pride, I can't help think about Barb.  Our friend from Moosejaw we met while at the FIN vs. RUS hockey game on Sunday.  Even though she was Canadian, she still had on the Finland colours, complete with the blue hair.  She was pumped for the game.  Everyone was wearing their favourite country's colours, and they were all proud and excited to be there, and that excitement rubs off on you.  Pretty soon you can't stay seated.  All you want to do is scream and cheer for the athletes.

Team Canada is playing Tean Norway in hockey as I write this post.  Canada just made 2 goals within 3 minutes.  It's not hard to recongize the Canadian fans in the crowd.  Just about everybody is wearing a Team Canada jersey.  About 80% of the stands is red and white. 

It's at times like these that make you proud to be Canadian.   


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