Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An Adventure and A Half

Wow is the only way to explain my experience in downtown Vancouver yesterday.  I cannot believe the masses and masses of people I saw yesterday.  It took an hour to get down 1 block!  It's amazing to see this many people in town because of the Olympic Games.

Coming from a small town, I don't fathom the idea of big crowds.  I hate being smushed up against some random person I don't know, but it was a great experience.  It seems everyone wants to experience the Olympic Games in one way or another.  Whether it's watching performances in the street or Zip-Lining over Robson Square, everyone is stoked for the Olympic Games.  There is no lack of spirit either.  Everywhere you go, everyone is dressed in their country's colours and are chanting motivational phrases for their athletes.  

My reasoning for going to Vancouver was for Students Live.  I wanted to go and experience some of the cultural events that were going on and to see if it really was as busy as everyone said it was.  I was doubtful because my town is very mellow for being smack in the middle of everything.  I was able to catch some acrobats with their balancing performances and some musicians.  It was crazy busy and the crowds where enormous so I didn't get as much in as I would've hoped.  I gave up about 2 hours in when it took 20 minutes to get through a 4 metre crowd.  I retired to Pacific Centre where the crowds were no smaller, and everywhere you turned the excitement was building.  It was cool to see all the stores with TV's were broadcasting the Games.  People were sitting outside shops watching and cheering for Canada.  Everyone took time to pause from their shopping to root for Canada.  It is really nice to see everyone's high spirit.  I hope it all continues after the games.      

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