Friday, June 17, 2011

The Calm After The Storm

In light of recent events involving the spirit of hockey... or lack there of, I cannot decide how I feel.  I have been a die hard Canucks fan since I can remember.   I was born in May of 1994, smack in the middle of the 1994 Stanley Cup play-offs, so I guess you could say I have been watching hockey since I left the womb... literally.

Naturally, like probably 80-90% of British Columbians, I was plopped in front of the TV watching game 7 of the final round of the Stanley Cup play-offs between my beloved Canucks and the Boston Bruins.  I am not one to call down the other team.  I believe that both teams worked just as hard to get to where they are.  Though I was disappointed with the outcome of game 7, the Bruins worked very hard and totally deserved the cup. Just take their goalie, Tim Thomas, for instance.  That guy is a beast!  I mean a shut out in game 7?  That just goes to show a small part of the determination that team is made up of.  I firmly believe that if the Canucks didn't get The Cup, The Bruins deserved it just as much.

But enough about the game.  Nobody seems to be focusing on that much anyways.  Everyone is more interested in the riot that followed the game 7 lose to the Bruins.  Almost immediately after the game every news channel was plagued with frightening footage of the complete mayhem that had taken over downtown Vancouver.  I was immediately sick to my stomach.  As I flipped between CBC and CTV I couldn't help but wonder how such hatred and rage could be going on just outside a building where a joyous celebration was happening.  Eventually I couldn't help but stay on CTV to watch the antics that were taking over.  Images of torched, over-turned cars, broken windows, and hundreds of disgruntle people flooded the channel.  I was on the verge of tears!  It was so hard to watch!  How can people be so selfish?  Canadians of all people!  We are stereotyped to be such nice people, and I like to think we live up to that stereotype, but the riot that is now being broad casted all over the world has tainted the world's opinion of us.  We are now know as spoiled brats that throw major tantrums when we don't get out way.

In the past couple of days I have watched people's reactions to the riots and I am glad to see there are people just as upset as I am over this matter.  I have come to the conclusion that the people involved in the riots weren't Canucks fans at all, they were just people that wanted to do some damage.  They didn't do it out of rage and disappointment, they did it out of stupidity.  They just wanted to do some damage!  As I saw some of the people pulling on balaclavas and pulling out base ball bats and signs reading Riot 2011, I came to the conclusion that this had all been planned.  People had prepared themselves for this.  Call me a crazy conspirator but last time I checked you don't bring balaclavas to a hockey game in June, and where and when exactly were you planning on playing baseball on a crowded street? 

The true fans are the ones that are cleaning up beautiful Vancouver.  They are the ones writing encouraging messages on the plywood that take the place of smashed windows.  They are the ones that are working with the police to identify rioters to bring them to justice  True fans are the ones that want to re-paint the world's perspective of us as it should rightfully be, The Most Beautiful Place on Earth.

Hi, my name is Cheyenne, and I live in The Most Beautiful Place on Earth, British Columbia.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Long Overdue

I want to begin with saying sorry.  I haven't updated in a while and I hope not to many people have lost interest.  I've been putting off this final post for awhile now.  I would start it and never be able to finish, but this needs to be done.

My time with Students LIVE has been amazing.  I didn't really realize how much had happened until last Monday when Emily Chan showed us the video of pictures she compiled.  Looking back now, it's amazing how much happened in such a short period of time.  I went from not even knowing what a blog was to blogging every night for 3 weeks in a matter of months.  It seems like just yesterday I was reading the bulletine board with all the essay contests and stuff, while waiting for the bus, and I stumbled upon the advertimement for Students Live.  I took the notice home, forgot about it, found it and applied.  I didn't think much of it.  Sure, it might be a fun thing to do, if I don't get it..........well I can't imagine anymore what would've happened if I hadn't gotten it.  Students Live presented so many opportunities I would never have had otherwise.  I went to the Opening Ceremonies for goodness sakes!

I met so many people through the Olympic Games all thanks to Students Live.  Whether it was the other amazing students I worked with, people in my own community involved in the Olympic Games or athletes themselves.  There was no shortage of excitement throughout the games.

Im trying to keep this as light and cherry as I possibly can, but truthfully there are a lot of things I miss.  I just saw the Students Live Crew last Monday for the final time... it's sad.  I heard the I Believe song on the radio...that brought back memories.  I saw a VANOC car for sale at the car dealership today.  After the games a lot of Canadian flags dissapeared off houses.  You could really tell the days after the Closing Ceremonies that post-Olympic depression had set in.

I want to thank everyone involved in Students Live for experiencing the Olympic Games with me.  I want to thank the organizers for giving us all the opportunities we got and making sure we had fun and kept safe. I want to thank everyone I interviewed for their time. I want to thank everyone for putting up with my mediocre attempts at French, and I want to thank everyone who took the time to read my blog before, during and after the games.

Now I will definitly continue blogging.  Probably not everynight mind you, but enough to keep up to date and current.  I will blog on many different subjects now.  Anything that I think is interesting or needs to be brought to attention will end up here, so keep tuned!

I need to get back to Career Planning class now :).  Thanks everyone for sharing my Olympic Experience!

PS..... GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......Penguins...I love you too.....:)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Elementary School Day

I was so excited when my brother's school ordered to many tickets the the Paralympic Alpine Skiing Event.  I quickly requested a ticket and got it!

Yesterday I found myself squeezed onto a school bus with 90 elementary school kids.  The bus ride was quick, thank goodness!  We took the Creekside chairlift up and sat in the grand stand, which was wonderful.  We had a great view.  It was VERY hot yesterday.  We were all bundled up, but found ourselves WAY overdressed.

While we went there for Alpine Skiing, that got cancelled, so we ended up watching Super G.  I was amazed at the athletes.  There were athletes that skied dow with one leg or one arm, and the sit skiers were amazing.  I was lucky enough to be there when Lauren Whoolstencroft won gold.  The Canadian fans erupted.  It was nice to see the enthusiasm of the Olympic Games continued into the Paralympic Games.

On our way down, they wouldn't let us take the lift down.  There we were, 90 students walking down a ski hill.  It was comical really.  I surprised myself by  not falling flat on my face!

My whole experience during these games has been amazing and they are just so amazing!  I really hope we can continue during London 2012!!!!  

Sunday, March 14, 2010

For The Love of the Game

Hockey is a game enjoyed by all ages.  I know 6 year olds that know more about the game and players than some of the players themselves!  I babysit one boy who has so many hockey cards, he was able to make all the Olympic Teams from all the countries.  He spent 2 hours telling me a brief history about each player.  I was amazed.

Yesterday, I had the chance to go see a Sledge Hockey game.  USA vs. South Korea.  It was amazing to see this sport.  The men on that team are amazing to have over come so much to continue doing something they love!  Sledge Hockey is something that has always intrigued me, and it was great to see so many people turn out to cheer on the teams.  Whether you were young or old, able bodied or disabled, the game brought everyone together.

The beginning of the game was interesting for Evelyn Dias - - and myself.  We got our tickets and went to sit down, only to find out our row didn't exist.  The VANOC helpers were great, and got us different a better location than we were originally...hehehe.  We got to our section to find our seats were in the middle of literally a mob of proud USA fans.  VERY PROUD USA fans.  The game hadn't even started yet, when one of those very proud USA fans accidentally spilled their beer down my back.  I just kept telling myself it's all part of the experience.  We ended up moving so we could sit with Jasmine Dhaliwal - - .  That's when we found ourselves next to one of the boldest little boys I have ever met.

My first encounter with this boy was when he asked me who I was cheering for.  I told him I wasn't decided yet and he told me I should cheer for the USA because they were winning.  He informed me that's what he does at every game I go to.  I had to suppress my giggles.  He was decked out in Canada gear from head to toe with a cow bell around his neck, clutching his Miga and Sumi stuffies.  I thanked him for the advice and continued watching the game.  One of my favourite discoveries during the Olympic Games has been the Bam-Bam noise makers.  They are 2 inflatable sticks that make a cool sound when you beat them together.  I was beating them to the beat of a South Korean motivational chant, when something grabbed them.  The littler boy stood, there my Bam-Bam in his hand, staring at me.

"I thought you were going to cheer for USA like I told you!"  He said to me.  "I still don't know what team I'm going for."  I replied.  "I told you, USA."  He said.  I agreed and kept watching.  It was comical really.  The little boy never sat down the whole time.  He wanted desperately to get on the jumbo-tron.  Every time the camera guy came around, I would tell the boy to make as much noise as he could.  I don't think his parents were very happy with me, but I wanted to help this little boy.  He never did get on.  I felt bad, but hey, he was still enjoying himself.  I never did get the little boy's name, but by the end of the game, we were best buds.  I ended up giving him my blue RBC Bam-Bams.  He was stoked.  I taught him how to use them and even though it was the end of the game, he left the stadium beating them together, making a huge racket.  I don't think his parents we very happy with me...again, but hey, when you have someone so young so enthusiastic for a game like he was, I believe you need to support that however you can.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paralympic Truce Event

As the only Sea-to-Sky Students Live reporter, I was presented with the opportunity to experience the Paralympic Truce event.  I just got back about 5 minutes ago, so I am going to tell you about my adventure.  It was interesting.

I got an email stating I had to be at the Welcome Centre in the Paralympic Athletes' Village by 9:15am.  I was lucky enough to mooch a ride of my dad...who is as sick as a dog right now.  Thanks Daddy!  We started off at about 8:00am.  We hit snow as soon as we got on the highway to Whistler.  This was no light dusting, this was one of Whistler's famous blizzards.  We wanted got stuck behind a snow-plow, which isn't all that bad considering our predicament.  Along the way, we passed a truck in a ditch, and a semi-trick flipped over.  That's how ridiculous the highway is when it's snowing.  It was crazy!

After much driving, we finally made it to the Paralympic Athletes Village.  I went to the Guest Pass desk and told the lady I was media for the Truce Event.  She took my name, checked me  in a told me I had to catch a shuttle to the Guest Pass building.  Ok, I was thinking, this is going to be interesting...I was right.  They didn't have the entrance path cleared, so the lady led me through the exit path which took you to the same place.  We were stopped, however, by the RCMP security.  We were told I needed to be scanned through and get my pass there.  The lady told the officer I was a VIP guest...thats right....VIP.  He told her I still couldn't get through.  Now I don't know who the lady thought I was, but it gets better.  She had security open up the entrance gate for me, but it hadn't been shovelled.  I said that was fine, but she informed me we could wait inside while they shovelled it out for me....there was like 3 inches of snow and I was wearing snow boots.  I agreed to wait inside with her.  Within 5 minutes it was all shovelled out.  I got to the shuttle and was the only on on there, but the bus driver drove me up to the Paralympic Guest Pass Building.  I picked up my pass, went through security, and was in the Village Plaza.  Thank goodness.

For awhile, I thought I was the only one there.  There were a few volunteers, but other than that it was deserted.  I called the lady who was the contact for this event, and she informed me I might be in the wrong place.  Well I couldn't really go anywhere because I had my pass and the people who gave me the pass had my I.D. to insure I returned my pass.  I went to the front desk, and they told me I was in the right place.  I phoned the lady back, and she told me to meet her in the Café.

The Far Coast Café is a tent with couches and coffee tables.  It's a nice little warm place to be.  I met with the lady I had to and waited for the event to start.  I moved closer to the window to get a better look at the stage.  I wasn't paying much attention to who was entering the Café.  Low and behold, the President of VANOC, John Furlong, walked in.  I was shocked.  He was bombarded by people, but made time for as many as possible.  He was sat down, along with IPC (International Paralympic Commitee) President Sir Philip Craven, Patrick Andersen, Wheelchair Basketball Player and Mayor of the Whistler Paralympic Athlete Village, Ken Melamd, Mayor of Whistler, and a representative from the United Nations.

John Furlong was the first to address the crowd.  He talked about how important the Truce is.  How sport CAN inspire peace.   He talked about how the Truce Monument will be a permanent legacy.  He thanked the volunteers for their hard work.  He really is a nice guy.  He made a few jokes to the crowd and was good spirited about how when he left, it was Spring in Whistler and how when he came back, it was Winter.

The next to address the crowd was IPC President, Sir Philip Craven.  He talked about the monument.  The Truce monument was inspired by the raven who is a very powerful figure in First Nations Culture.  It represents inspiration and equality and the artist, Corrine Hunt, captured that in the monument itself.

Patrick Anderson is not only Mayor of the Whistler Paralympic Athletes Village, but also a Wheelchari Basket Ball Champion.  He spoke of how sports can bring out both the best and the worst in people, but it's all about the passion you put into the game.  He was truly inspiring to listen too.

Though all the speeches were short, they were to the point and very inspirational.  I cam out of it enlightened.  Everyone signed the monument and posed for pictures with it.

There was an opportunity to interview people and I was prepared to interview JOhn Furlong.  I was excited.  There was a line up to interview him and he didn't get to everyone.  I followed him to the check out to see if I could ask a question.  I was a foot away from him when his phone rang.  I guess I have to be a little more pushy, because when he finished up the phone conversation, his personal assistant came and told him his shuttle was here.  I was left standing there, notebook and pen in hand.  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!  I guess between his phone and his personal assistant, Mr. Furlong is a busy guy.  I feel so bad that I lost the chance!  But it was all a great learning experience.  I feel very honoured to have done it and experienced this momentous event.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Last Shove

It's an understatement to say I'm sad to see the Olympics Games go.  I thought I would be relieved that all the craziness would be going and that we could all go back to our normal lives. Truth be told, I loved the craziness, I loved spirit, I loves the culture, I loved the events, I loved the people it brought.  I loved it all.  I want to do this blog post on the last couple days of the Olympic Games and what I did to make it last as long as I could.

Yesterday, I finally got the chance to visit the cauldron.  Good thing too since it is getting extinguished tonight.  It was packed there with many people trying to get one last look at the cauldron.  It was amazing that such a thing would bring such a crowd.

Also yesterday, Students LIVE got a chance to go to VANOC HQ where we sorted through swag.  We took huge bags so we could distribute it to everyone.  Everyone wanted a piece of the Olympic Games.  On the SkyTrain, the escalators, the hallways, the streets.  People were literally tearing stuff out of our hands.  We had boxes of pins and posters.  At one point, Dezmond Mok, , got mobbed coming out of the SkyTrain.  We had to drag him out and push people out of the way so we could get to street level without getting mobbed!  It was crazy but SO much fun. We all had a blast!

After we got the chance to exit the SkyTrain, I met up with some friends and we headed off to Atlantic House on Granville Island.  I had no idea what to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised when I found out Sean Majumdar (This Hour Has 22 Minutes) was the host.  He was hilarious.  He did some stand up comedy which included an actual phone call to Air Canada to change his flight since his flight was during the Gold Medal Hockey Game...which we totally kicked butt in by the way!  He wasn't successful...even when he tried to tell the operator he was Rick Mercer....and then he was Russell Peters....It was hilarious.

The point of Atlantic House was to showcase music from the Maritimes.  They had performances every night of the Olympic Games.  Last night included the likes of: Richard Wood, Blou, David Myles and Tara Oram.  Here are some pictures.

That night was amazing and I will always remember it.

Today was just as exciting.  I got together with a friends and we went to my local Rec Centre to watch the Gold Medal Hockey Game.  There was many people there all cheering Canada on.  We were all shocked when USA got a goal within the last 30 seconds of the 3rd period.  We were all sitting on the edges of our seats and biting our nails wondering what the out come would be.  I can't begin to explain the relief that flooded through me when Sid Crosby made the final goal.  I was so happy.  We were all jumping up and down, screaming, making as much noise as we possibly could.  It was something to remember.

Thats my little brother in the bottom left corner....I swear we aren't related.

As I write this I am watching the Closing Ceremonies.  I can't help but think about the Opening Ceremonies that seem so long ago yet it feels like these 2 weeks have gone by so fast!  I am sad that we can't have the Olympic Games more often.  It saddens me that everyone's going home and we will soon go back to our everyday lives.  Though I expect, it will never be the same here again.

 I'd like to thank Students LIVE for giving me the opportunity.  This was more than I expected.  I never thought in my wildest dreams I would have gone to the Opening Ceremonies or gone to any of these events.

Don't worry this isn't my last blog post.  I still have many subjects to discuss, so keep posted!

For now....I guess Students LIVE is going to have to fundraise so we can go to the London Summer Olympic Games....hint hint.....:)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Local Spirit

As seen on TV, there is no lack of spirit in either Whistler or Vancouver.  It  makes you wonder about all the other communities in our province.  Though my community isn't as busy as what was first thought, you don't need to go far to find where everyone is hiding.  Most of the local are hanging out in different shops and cafes where TVs are broad-casting the Olympic Games 24/7.  I took the time this week to go to a few of the places.

The first place I went was Gelato Carina.  It is a little gelato place on Squamish's main street.  Just for the Olympics, they invested in a large flat-screen TV where people can keep up to date on the Olympics while eating their gelato.  It's amazing to see how many people it draws.  I was in there today watching Women's Curling and everyone was debating on what Canada's next move should be or would be.  It was cool to listen to everyone's strategy and how they would play the game.  I can only imagine what it is like when hockey is on!  If you are in the Squamish area, I suggest you check out this great little place.

The next place I have been frequenting is the Squamish House or Quest University.  All during the Olympic Games they are housing volunteers as well as providing a place for everyone to watch the Olympic Games.  You can go there and order some dinner in the cafeteria and sit down to watch the game, which is what my parents and I have been doing for the last little bit.  It's so fun to be in a place where everyone's excited, no matter what the outcome of the game is.  There are people all in red with cow-bells, air horns, those blow up clapper things and of course...their very loud voices.  Every time Canada makes a goal, the roar is deafening and your ear drums get blasted with the air horn.  heres a look at Squamish house.

The last place I have experienced is our local Recreation Centre.  Brennan Park Rec Centre also has all their TV's tuned into the Olympic Games.  You can watch them while swimming or skating.  It's great.

I feel this is really bringing everyone out from the community.  One thing is for sure, everyone here has caught the Olympic bug.  No matter who you are, young, old, man women.  The Olympic Games have effected you somehow.  Now I am off to Wild at Art, a local event that showcases our local performers.  There is someone new performing at Gelato Carina every night.  Tonight it is my good friend Jocelyn Pettit and she has asked me to perform with her in one of her songs.  It will be great fun!

Keep the spirits up everyone and keep enjoying the Olympic Games!