Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Elementary School Day

I was so excited when my brother's school ordered to many tickets the the Paralympic Alpine Skiing Event.  I quickly requested a ticket and got it!

Yesterday I found myself squeezed onto a school bus with 90 elementary school kids.  The bus ride was quick, thank goodness!  We took the Creekside chairlift up and sat in the grand stand, which was wonderful.  We had a great view.  It was VERY hot yesterday.  We were all bundled up, but found ourselves WAY overdressed.

While we went there for Alpine Skiing, that got cancelled, so we ended up watching Super G.  I was amazed at the athletes.  There were athletes that skied dow with one leg or one arm, and the sit skiers were amazing.  I was lucky enough to be there when Lauren Whoolstencroft won gold.  The Canadian fans erupted.  It was nice to see the enthusiasm of the Olympic Games continued into the Paralympic Games.

On our way down, they wouldn't let us take the lift down.  There we were, 90 students walking down a ski hill.  It was comical really.  I surprised myself by  not falling flat on my face!

My whole experience during these games has been amazing and they are just so amazing!  I really hope we can continue during London 2012!!!!  

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