Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Last Shove

It's an understatement to say I'm sad to see the Olympics Games go.  I thought I would be relieved that all the craziness would be going and that we could all go back to our normal lives. Truth be told, I loved the craziness, I loved spirit, I loves the culture, I loved the events, I loved the people it brought.  I loved it all.  I want to do this blog post on the last couple days of the Olympic Games and what I did to make it last as long as I could.

Yesterday, I finally got the chance to visit the cauldron.  Good thing too since it is getting extinguished tonight.  It was packed there with many people trying to get one last look at the cauldron.  It was amazing that such a thing would bring such a crowd.

Also yesterday, Students LIVE got a chance to go to VANOC HQ where we sorted through swag.  We took huge bags so we could distribute it to everyone.  Everyone wanted a piece of the Olympic Games.  On the SkyTrain, the escalators, the hallways, the streets.  People were literally tearing stuff out of our hands.  We had boxes of pins and posters.  At one point, Dezmond Mok, , got mobbed coming out of the SkyTrain.  We had to drag him out and push people out of the way so we could get to street level without getting mobbed!  It was crazy but SO much fun. We all had a blast!

After we got the chance to exit the SkyTrain, I met up with some friends and we headed off to Atlantic House on Granville Island.  I had no idea what to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised when I found out Sean Majumdar (This Hour Has 22 Minutes) was the host.  He was hilarious.  He did some stand up comedy which included an actual phone call to Air Canada to change his flight since his flight was during the Gold Medal Hockey Game...which we totally kicked butt in by the way!  He wasn't successful...even when he tried to tell the operator he was Rick Mercer....and then he was Russell Peters....It was hilarious.

The point of Atlantic House was to showcase music from the Maritimes.  They had performances every night of the Olympic Games.  Last night included the likes of: Richard Wood, Blou, David Myles and Tara Oram.  Here are some pictures.

That night was amazing and I will always remember it.

Today was just as exciting.  I got together with a friends and we went to my local Rec Centre to watch the Gold Medal Hockey Game.  There was many people there all cheering Canada on.  We were all shocked when USA got a goal within the last 30 seconds of the 3rd period.  We were all sitting on the edges of our seats and biting our nails wondering what the out come would be.  I can't begin to explain the relief that flooded through me when Sid Crosby made the final goal.  I was so happy.  We were all jumping up and down, screaming, making as much noise as we possibly could.  It was something to remember.

Thats my little brother in the bottom left corner....I swear we aren't related.

As I write this I am watching the Closing Ceremonies.  I can't help but think about the Opening Ceremonies that seem so long ago yet it feels like these 2 weeks have gone by so fast!  I am sad that we can't have the Olympic Games more often.  It saddens me that everyone's going home and we will soon go back to our everyday lives.  Though I expect, it will never be the same here again.

 I'd like to thank Students LIVE for giving me the opportunity.  This was more than I expected.  I never thought in my wildest dreams I would have gone to the Opening Ceremonies or gone to any of these events.

Don't worry this isn't my last blog post.  I still have many subjects to discuss, so keep posted!

For now....I guess Students LIVE is going to have to fundraise so we can go to the London Summer Olympic Games....hint hint.....:)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Local Spirit

As seen on TV, there is no lack of spirit in either Whistler or Vancouver.  It  makes you wonder about all the other communities in our province.  Though my community isn't as busy as what was first thought, you don't need to go far to find where everyone is hiding.  Most of the local are hanging out in different shops and cafes where TVs are broad-casting the Olympic Games 24/7.  I took the time this week to go to a few of the places.

The first place I went was Gelato Carina.  It is a little gelato place on Squamish's main street.  Just for the Olympics, they invested in a large flat-screen TV where people can keep up to date on the Olympics while eating their gelato.  It's amazing to see how many people it draws.  I was in there today watching Women's Curling and everyone was debating on what Canada's next move should be or would be.  It was cool to listen to everyone's strategy and how they would play the game.  I can only imagine what it is like when hockey is on!  If you are in the Squamish area, I suggest you check out this great little place.

The next place I have been frequenting is the Squamish House or Quest University.  All during the Olympic Games they are housing volunteers as well as providing a place for everyone to watch the Olympic Games.  You can go there and order some dinner in the cafeteria and sit down to watch the game, which is what my parents and I have been doing for the last little bit.  It's so fun to be in a place where everyone's excited, no matter what the outcome of the game is.  There are people all in red with cow-bells, air horns, those blow up clapper things and of course...their very loud voices.  Every time Canada makes a goal, the roar is deafening and your ear drums get blasted with the air horn.  heres a look at Squamish house.

The last place I have experienced is our local Recreation Centre.  Brennan Park Rec Centre also has all their TV's tuned into the Olympic Games.  You can watch them while swimming or skating.  It's great.

I feel this is really bringing everyone out from the community.  One thing is for sure, everyone here has caught the Olympic bug.  No matter who you are, young, old, man women.  The Olympic Games have effected you somehow.  Now I am off to Wild at Art, a local event that showcases our local performers.  There is someone new performing at Gelato Carina every night.  Tonight it is my good friend Jocelyn Pettit and she has asked me to perform with her in one of her songs.  It will be great fun!

Keep the spirits up everyone and keep enjoying the Olympic Games!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vlog #1

Opening up the Audience Participation Kits from the Opening Ceremonies!

An Adventure and A Half

Wow is the only way to explain my experience in downtown Vancouver yesterday.  I cannot believe the masses and masses of people I saw yesterday.  It took an hour to get down 1 block!  It's amazing to see this many people in town because of the Olympic Games.

Coming from a small town, I don't fathom the idea of big crowds.  I hate being smushed up against some random person I don't know, but it was a great experience.  It seems everyone wants to experience the Olympic Games in one way or another.  Whether it's watching performances in the street or Zip-Lining over Robson Square, everyone is stoked for the Olympic Games.  There is no lack of spirit either.  Everywhere you go, everyone is dressed in their country's colours and are chanting motivational phrases for their athletes.  

My reasoning for going to Vancouver was for Students Live.  I wanted to go and experience some of the cultural events that were going on and to see if it really was as busy as everyone said it was.  I was doubtful because my town is very mellow for being smack in the middle of everything.  I was able to catch some acrobats with their balancing performances and some musicians.  It was crazy busy and the crowds where enormous so I didn't get as much in as I would've hoped.  I gave up about 2 hours in when it took 20 minutes to get through a 4 metre crowd.  I retired to Pacific Centre where the crowds were no smaller, and everywhere you turned the excitement was building.  It was cool to see all the stores with TV's were broadcasting the Games.  People were sitting outside shops watching and cheering for Canada.  Everyone took time to pause from their shopping to root for Canada.  It is really nice to see everyone's high spirit.  I hope it all continues after the games.      

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Une Volontaire Extraordinaire - Regine Horiot

Hier soir, j'ai eu le chance de pratiquer ma francais pendant un entretien avec une volontaire qui est venue de la France.  Elle reste avec mes voisins, et j'ai eu un entretien très amusant avec elle.

Regine Horiot veint de Priénées-Orientales, France.  Les Jeux Olympiques 2010 sont sa sixieme Olympiade experiènce comme volontaire.  Elle a volontaire pendant les Jeux Olympiques d`été en Athènes.  Sa travaille était technologie vélodrome. 

Elle n'a pas juste fait les Jeux Olympiques, mais les Jeux Mediterraneens aussi.  Pendant 4 ans diffèrent, elle s'est portée voluntaire pour les Jeux Mediterraneens en Languedoc-Roussillon, Bari, Almeria, et Pescara.  Regine a aussi travaillée avec la Comité Français d'Organisation de la Coupe du Monde de Football 1998 et les Paralympiques en Perpignan, France en 1995. 

J'ai demandé ou Regine travaille pour ces Olympiques, si elle travaille dans la cusine.  "NON!" Elle m'a repondu.  J'ai appris qu'elle deteste la cuisine.  Pendant ces Olympiques, elle travaille dans "Whistler Olympic Park".  Jusqu'ici, elle a été stationé a le site de biathalon pendant un jour, ou elle a aidé avec l'information,  la site de ski du fond pendant 2 jours, ou elle a aidé avec control accés, et 2 jours a les Tremplins Olympiques, ou elle été un signaleur. 

Regine est juste ici pendant les Olympique.  Elle a demander s'ils bsoin d'aide pendant le Paralympiques, mais ils on classer san suite. 

Pendant cet entretien, j'ai appris beaucoup des choses sur COVAN aussi.  Les voluntaires ont besoin de trouver leur même transport.  COVAN ne payer pas pour ça ou leurs hébergements.  Aussi j'ai appris que les uniforms que les voluntaires portent, ne sont pas imperméabiliser, protègeant du vent, ou chaud.  Ils ont besoin de porter les sacs en plastique pour rester sèche.

Je veux remercier Regine pour l'entretien et pour l'aide avec ma français.  C'était un honneur pour faire un entretien avec une personne tellement extraordinaire. 


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Makes You Proud?

The Olympic Games has always been known not only for the sports, but for finding and showing off the pride everyone has for their country.  Wherever you go, be it Vancouver, Squamish or Whistler, Canadian Flags are hung everywhere and people are donning our country's signature colours.  I've never seen this amount of pride in one place before.  Not even on Canada Day. 

And it's not just Canadians who are showing off their pride either.  As my mom and I were leaving Wal-Mart yesterday, 3 RV's decked out in Germany's colours where turning into the parking lot.  They had scarves wrapped around their mirrors, fliags haning out every possible window, and a "Germany Goes For Gold"  sign plastered on the side of the vehicle.

It's great that people are taking the time to cheer for their country's athletes who have trained so hard for so long to get to where they are.  I can only imagine what it must feel like to have your whole country behind you cheering you on. 

While talking about pride, I can't help think about Barb.  Our friend from Moosejaw we met while at the FIN vs. RUS hockey game on Sunday.  Even though she was Canadian, she still had on the Finland colours, complete with the blue hair.  She was pumped for the game.  Everyone was wearing their favourite country's colours, and they were all proud and excited to be there, and that excitement rubs off on you.  Pretty soon you can't stay seated.  All you want to do is scream and cheer for the athletes.

Team Canada is playing Tean Norway in hockey as I write this post.  Canada just made 2 goals within 3 minutes.  It's not hard to recongize the Canadian fans in the crowd.  Just about everybody is wearing a Team Canada jersey.  About 80% of the stands is red and white. 

It's at times like these that make you proud to be Canadian.   


Monday, February 15, 2010

Best Game You Can Name, is the Good Old Hockey Game

Yesterday, some of the Students LIVE crew had the chance to be spectators at a favourite Canadian past time - HOCKEY!  Though it wasn't any Canadian teams, it was still a blast.  Finland and Russia put up on a great game and we all really enjoyed watching it.

Hier, quelques etudiants de Connection Etudiant avaient la chance de voir un sport favori de Canada - l'HOCKEY!  Oui, ce n'etait pas des equips Canadien, c'etait vraiment amusant.  Finlande et Russie ont fait vraiment un bon jeu et nous avons eu beaucoup de fun pendant le jeu.

The day started off with me getting lost on the way to UBC Thunderbird Arena.  I'm from a small town and navigating the city is always an adventure in itself.  I finally found where to go after walking for what felt like forever.  I found my way, got my ticket, went through security, where they made me empty my pockets....I keep everyhting in my pockets....and finally got into the courtyard of the venue where music was blaring ans people were dancing.  It was a great atmosphere.  After getting dragged out onto the dance floor by Stergios and dancing to Don't Stop Believing (I think there is a video of us somewhere...) I was pumped for the hockey game.

La jour a commence premierment avec moi qui fait perdue.  Je n'avait pas aucune idee ou se trouve UBC Thunderbird Stadium.  Je suis venue d'un ville tres petit, et quans tu venir au un grand ville, c'est un aventure.  J'ai finalement trouver ou d'aller.  J'ai trouver ou, recois mon billet, fait la securite, ou ils ont me demande de vider mes poches...J'ai garde toutes dans mes poches...finalement j'ai trouve la cour d'hors la lieu.  Il y avait la musique avec la danse.  C'etait un tres bon atmosphere.  Apres, j'ai ete force sur la piste de danse par Stergios ou on a danse de Don't Stop Believing (Je pense qu'il y a un video quelque place...)  J'etait pret pour le jeu d'hockey.

We managed to get into the line where we got our tickets checked and then got put into the holding area. While we were in line, we met Barb.  A VERY entusiastic Finland fan.  Barb Wirey a citizen from Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, caught our eye with her blue smurf hair and her lime green FINLAND SHOOTS AND SCORES sign.  We went up to her and asked her where she was from and if we could possibly interview her.  Keep an eye out on Stergios Darntanis' blog for our interview.  Before then we didn't know what team to root for, but Barb convinced is Finland was the way to go. 

Nous avon gere pour obtenir dans la ligne ou on peut avait nos billets verifie et alors a ete mis en d'avoir.  Pendant que nous etion dans la ligne, on a rencontrer Barb.  Un tres entousiastic fan de Finlande.  Barb Wirey, un citizen de Moosejawm Saskatchewan, a attire nos attention aven sa cheveux bleu et son signe vert avec FINLAND SHOOTS AND SCORES sur.  Nous avons lui demande ou habite elle et si on peut fair un entreview avec elle.  Regarder la blog de Stergios Darntanis pour notre entreview.  Avant, on avait aucune clue qu'elle equipe encourager pour, mais Barb nous convaicre que Finlande a besoin de gagner.

The game was great.  Even though we were on metal bleachers while everyone else had nice seats, but still it was fun.  We started the wave.  Cheered when Finland got goals and booed when Russia got goals.  Russia got the first goal.  It was very discouraging for us, but we still stuck it out for Finland.  Eventually, Finland pulled through and got 5 goals winning the game.  Russia's team lacked in passing skills.  They had good ice meneuverability, but they didn't look before they passed and had  bad aim.  There was more then one occaission where they could have easily gotten a goal, but lack of aim set them back.  Finland, on the other hand, had very good passing abilities.  Though their aim to wasn't the greatest, they still got the job done. 

La jeu etait tres bon.  Nous etions sur les gradins metaille pendant que toute le monde avait des sieges tres comfortable.  Mais de toute facon, c'etait un bon jeu.  On a commence "the wave",  enccourager Finlande et booed Russie.  Russie a obtenu la premier but.  C'etait vraiment mal.  Eventualement, Finlande fait un rentree et ont fait 5 buts et ont gagne la jeu!  L'equipe de Russie n'avait pas vraiment des skills de passe.  Ils ont le bon co-ordination, mais leur objectif etait mal.  Il y avait quelques temps quand ils peuvaient fair un but, mais ils on manque.  Finlande, avait tres bon passes, leur objectif n'etait pas le meilleur mais ils ont gagne!

I'm happy to have had the chance to go.  I'd like to thank Lauren from VANOC who helped me find my way when I was lost and making sure we didn't get into trouble.  I'd also like to thank Barb for the interview and making our hockey experience that much better.

Je suis heureuse pour avait cet chance d'aller.  Je veux remercier Lauren de COVAN qui m'aider trouver mon route quand j'ai ete perdue et pour nous gardons.  Je veux aussi remercier Barb pour l'entreview et pour la bon experience d'hockey. 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

~The Biggest and Best Opening Ceremonies in History~ Part Two

The ceremonies started with the pre-show where we were showed how and when to use the goodies in out box. The ceremonies relied a lot on the participation of the audience. We did the countdown, we were the twinkling night sky as well as a projection screen. The pre-show was hosted by Ben Mulroney and Tamara Taggert. Between sessions on learning what to do with our box, we were entertained by Jully Black and the Canadian Tenors.

Les ceremonies ont commence avec la "pre-show" ou on etait montrer comment utiliser les outils dans nos boites. Les ceremonies ont compte beuacoup sur la participation d'audience. On a fait le compte de rebours, nous etions la ciel de nuit avec les etoiles et on etait utiliser comme un ecran. La "pre-show" etait a accueilli par Ben Mulroney et Tamara Taggert. Entre les sessions ou on a appris quoi faire avec nos boites, on etait diverti par Jully Black et les Canadian Tenors.

After the pre-show, the actual ceremony started with a somber note about the Georgian Luger who died during a practice run yesterday. The whole ceremony was dedicated to him, he was in all of our thoughts throughout the show. The Canadian flag was marched on my the RCMP and the Canadian Honour Guard raised it while Nikki Yanofski sang an wonderful randition of the canadian anthem. After that, the 4 nations, Squamish, Musquem, Lil'wat, and Tsleil Waututh welcomed the world to their land. They were joined by other various first nations groups of Canada such as: Metis, First Nations of the Praries, Inuits, and the First Nations of the East were all welcomed onto the stage to join the host nations. They all danced while the atheletes of the participating countries cames on. USA and Canada definitly got the biggest cheers, but Georgia got a polite standing ovation as the came on. When all the atheletes were seated, Nelly Furtado and Bryan Adams came on. Though they were clearly lip-synching, they still made a great performance.

Apres la "pre-show", la ceremonie d'ouverture a commence avec un note sombre de la luger Georgian qui a mourir pendant un practique hier. La ceremonie etait devoue en memoire d'il. La drapeau Canadienne a fait entrer par le GRC et le garde canadien d'honneur l'hausee pendant que Nikki Yanofski a chante l'anthem national. Apres ca, les 4 nations, Squamish, Musquem, Lil'wat, et Tseil Waututh ont acueilli la monde aux leurs terres, Ils ont etait joigner par les autre nations de Canada comme les Metis, Les Premieres Nations des Praries, les Inuits et les Premiers Nations d'est. Ils ont tous danser pendant le temps que les atheletes ont arrive. USA et Canada ont eu le plus gros acclamations, Georgia on eu un ovation de postion polit quand ils ont entre. Quand toutes les athelets etait dans leurs sieges, Nelly Furtado et Byran Adams ont venue. Ils ont fait le synching du levres, mais c'etait un bon performance.

Other performers included: Sarah McLachlan who sang while the Alberta Ballet danced, Loreena McKennit, Ashley MacIsaac who did a wonderful performance along with other fiddlers and step-dancers, Joni Mitchell, k.d. lang who sang Hallelujah, Measha Brueggergosman who sang the Olympic Anthem, Thomas Saulgrain who did a beautiful acrobatic performance, and Shane Koyczan who did recited a beautiful poem about Canada.

Les autres perfromances inclus: Sarah McLachlan qui a chante pendant la Ballet d'Alberta a danse, Loreena Mnkennit, Ashley MacIsaac qui ont fait un performace avec les autres violinists et les danseurs de step, Joni Mitchell, k.d. Lang qui a chante Hallelujah, Measha Brueggergosman qui a chante l'anthem Olympique, Thomas Soulgrain qui a fait un performance d'acrobatie tres beau et Shane Koyczan qui a recite un poem tres belle de Canada.

The evening concluded with the long awaited arrival of the flame. We were all debating on who it was going to be. When Rick Hansen entered the arena with the flame in toe, everyone got excited. Rick Hansen handed the flame of to former speer-skater, Catriona Le May Doan who ran and handed it of to Basketball player Steve Nash, who handed it off skier Nancy Greene she then passed it to former hockey player Wayne Gretzsky. All 4 of them were supposed to light the cauldron, but due to technical diffuculties, one of the cauldron's arms didn't come up. Catriona Le May Doan stood there watching the other 3 light the flame. After the cauldron was lit, Wayne Gretzsky took the flame to the Vancouver Convention Centre to light the huge cauldron.

La nuit a conclue avec l'arrive de la flamme.  Nous avons fait un debat sur qui va envoyer la flamme.  Quand Rick Hansen a entrer l'arene avec la flamme, toute les monde etait tres excite.  Rick Hansen a donne l'a flamme a l'ancien patineur de vitesse, Catriona Le May Doan qui a courir et le donner a jouer de Basketball Steve Nash qui l'a donner a skieur, Nancy Greene et elle l'a donner a jouer d'hockey, Wayne Gretzsky.  Toutes les 4 ont ete suppose de allume la chaudron, mais un de les bras de chaudron n'est marche pas, alors Catriona Le May Don n'avait pas la chance.  Apres, Wayne Gretzsky a amene la flamme a la "Vancouver Convention Centre" ou la chaudron tres gro etait allumer.

It was an amazing night!  I want to thank Christina for making sure we didn't get ourselves into trouble and for getting us those amazing tickets.  Hopefully my computer will be working soon and the pictures will up soon too.

C'etait un nuit incroyable!  Je veux remercier Christina pour s'assure que nous etions sauf et pour obtenir ces billets!  J'espere que mon ordinateur va marcher bientot et les photo aussi!

NEXT POST: Womens Hockey - Finland vs. Russia
PROCHAIN POSTE: L'Hockey des Femmes - Finlande vs. Russie

~The Biggest and Best Opening Ceremonies in History~ Part One

*I want to apologize in advanced.  My computer is currently not working so I'm having to update my blog with my dad's work computer.  Since I'm not allowed to download my photos onto here, my blogs are going to be lacking the pazazz I was going for.  I'm hoping my computer is back up and running soon so I can show you some of the amazing photos I took last night.  For now, google images will have to do.**

*Je veux dire desole avant je commence.  Mon ordinateur ne marche pas a ce moment alors, pour la moment, j'ai besoin d'utiliser l'ordi de travaille de mom pere.  Je ne suis pas permis de telechargement mes photos.  Mes postes ne blog ne vas pas etre assez excitent comme j'ai voulu.  J'espere que mon ordinateur va marcher beintot pour que je peut vous montrer mes photos j'ai prise hier soir.  Pour maintenant, les images de google va marcher.

Where to start, where to start.  Last night can only be described in one word, magical.  I was very surprised at the calibre and complexity of these Opening Ceremonies.  From the stage that rose from the ground to the acrobatics.  Everything was absolutley amazing.  I feel so honoured to have been given this oppurtunity, and I am so excited to share it with all of you.

Je ne sais pas ou je peux commencer!  Je peux decrire hier soir dans un mot, magique.  J'ai ete tres etonne par la calibre et complexite des Ceremonie d'Ouverture.  De l'etape qui est venue du plancher, a l'acrobatie.  Toutes les choses etait absolutement incroyable.  Je me sens si honoure avoir ete donne ce oppurtunity et je suis tres excite de partager ca avec vous.

My adventure started at a little hole in the wall Starbucks where I met Christina, our VANOC representative, and Jay, a student from a group called Historica.  From there we set off to the SkyTrain.  It was a quick little ride to BC Place.  We were all herded into the security check points which reminded me a lot of an airport.  (I recommed not taking a huge bag to any of the events because that could easily add a couple of hours onto your security experience)  Thankfully, I was able to fit everything I could into my pockets so security was a breeze.  We were all in and out within 10 minutes.  The walk from security was long, but entertaing thanks to the many proud Canadian citizens who took the time to dress in our colours and make their pride known to anyone who'd listen and some who wouldn't.

Mon aventure a commence a un petit Starbucks ou j'ai rencontrer Christine, notre representatif de COVAN, et Jaym un etudiant d'un group s'apelle Historica.  Apres ca, nous sommes parti pour SkyTrain.  C'etait un voyage tres courte pour aller a Place BC.  Nous etions a avance a la tente de securite qui me rappler d'un aeroport.  (Je veux vous reccomnde de ne pas amener un sac tres large aux les evenements ca peut facilement ajouter quelques heures a ton experience de securite)  J'etait capable de mettre toutes j'avais dans mes poches alors la securite etait facile.  Nous avons fini dans 10 minutes.  La promenade de securite a Place BC etait longue, mais il y avait beaucoup des divertissments grace a les citoyens fier du Canada qui a pris le temps de s'habiller dans les colours du Canada.

When we made it through the doors of BC place, the hype was amazing.  Everybody's spirits were high.  After a little confusion, we found our gate and walked into what I can only explain to be a breath taking sight.  BC Place was transformed into a winter wonderland.  The whole colour plaette consisted of white, light blue and grey which made for a gorgeous winter-like atmosphere.  We found our seats easily and were excited to find a box shaped like a first nations drum containing a poncho, a flashlight, a battery powered candle, a drumstick and a Canadian flag.  Along with the box, was a book that turned out to be the program.  It was filled with letters from dignitaries such as the right honourable Michealle Jean and the Prime Minister, as well as a list of the countries participating this year and a list of performers to perform.  I was so excited when I saw Nikki Yanofski would be singing the national anthem.  She is an AMAZING jazz singer...go on YouTube and check her out!  Our seats were great.  We were behinde the wheelchair section, which was vacant the whole time, so we were able to get some great pictures.  We took our seats, did a photo op and waited for the ceremony to start.

Quand on a entre la Place BC, l'hype etait incroyable.  La esprit de toute le monde etait exaltant.  Apres un peu de confusion, nous avons trouve notre portail et a entre quelque chose que je peut seulment expliquer comme un souffle prend le vue.  Place BC etait transformer dans un pays des merveilles d'hiver.  Les colours etait blanc, bleu leger et gris qui a fait un atmosphere comme hiver.  On a trouve nos sieges facillement et etions tres excite de trouver une boite former comme un tambour des premiers nations rempli avec un poncho, un lampe de poche, un chadaille avec les piles, un batons de tambour et un drapeau Canadien.  Avec la boite etait un livre qui nous avons trouver d'etre la programme des Ceremonies.  C'etait rempli avec les lettres des dignitaires, un liste des pays participants et un liste des performances.  J'etait tres excitant quand j'ai vu que Nikki Yanofski va chanter l'anthem national du Canada.  Elle est un chanteuese de Jazz INCROYABLE.  Nos sieges etaient formidabale.  Nous etions derriere la section fauteuil roulant, qui etait vide pendant la ceremonie, alors les photos que nous etions capable de prendre etait fantastique.  Nous avons pris nos sieges, pris les photos et attender pour la commencement.

End of Part One

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let Me See Your Spirit!

**I want to start out thus post with a shout out to my Colorado followers.  I love reading all of your comments, they really motivate me to keep posting.  If there is anything special you want to see me blog about, just say the word!  Thanks guys!**

Let me start out by saying Thursday night was one of the most fun nights I've ever had!  For those of you who don't know, the torch came through my town on Thursday and Friday.  Naturally there was a HUGE celebration where almost 8,000 people were in attendance.  That must be the biggest event my town has had in ages!  This event was exciting because I had many friends who were torch bearers which I can only imagine is the experience of a life time.

The event was held at the Brennan Park Recreation Centre.  A massive stage with a screen was erected in the parking lot where there was standing room only during the show.  Some of the performances we witnessed were: Acrobats, Bands, Choirs, Percussion groups and Bhangra Dancers.

I performed with one of the choirs.  We performed the Torch Song which has been sung by thousands of choirs throughout the country.  Our choir warmed up in the "green room", which is a fancy word for the rec. centre's junior lounge, with the Coca-Cola Acrobats.  They stretched and worked out for about an hour and a half.  At one point the women sat in the splits for 20 minutes!  We didn't know who they were until they got onstage and we realized we had been in the same room as celebrities!

We got to stand in the crowd as we awaited the arrival of the torch and the energy was very high.  The MC was extremely good at keeping the crowd motivated and moving.  I swear we danced for an hour while we were waiting for the torch.

The torch arrived right on time carried in by Kristen McBride.  She was voted citizen of the year.  She is nothing short of spectacular.  She is wheelchair bound but that doesn't stop her from doing amazing work in our community.  I'm not going to lie, seeing her bring the torch up the ramp to the stage and lighting the cauldron set the crowd in awe.  It was beautiful.  She was the perfect person for such an honour as this.

When it was our turn to take the stage, the adrenaline started pumping.  We took the stage after the school choir sung O Canada.  Walking onto that stage was nothing short of amazing.  Looking out into that crowd of 8,000 of your closest friends is beautiful.  The song we sung has 2 parts.  There's the singing part and then there is the clapping stomping routine.  It was hard to learn but it sounded so cool.

The night ended with a half an hour of fire works.  They were gorgeously set up and they had the whole crowd's attention.  Over all, it was night I won't soon forget.  It's a shame that this kind of thing doesn't happen more often in my community, but I am glad I was able to share it with my close friends and the world.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Military and The Olympic Games

Today I had the chance to go to an open house put on by the military who are stationed in my area for the Olympic Games.  It was VERY exciting.  In case you didn't know, the airspace around here is restricted at the moment for movement of military aircraft.  It's amazing.  At the open house they had all the services in Squamish that are going to be playing a part in the Olympic Games.  Not only was the Army, Navy and Air Force there, but the Fire Department, Conservation, Search and Rescue and the Mounted Police.  Being an Air Cadets..... the Air Force section interested me the most.  They brought the Griffon Helicopter out and we were able to sit in it and see how it works.

Aujourd'hui j'ai eu la chance d'allé a une maison ouvert par la militaire qui sont stationé ici pour les jeux Olympiques.  C'était TRES excitant.  Si tu ne savais pas, l'éspace aérien ici est limité pendant les jeux Olympique pour le mouvement des avions militaires.  C'est vraiment effrayant.  A la maison ouvert, ils ont eu toutes les services en Squamish qui sont involu pendant les jeux Olympiques.  L'Armie, La Navy et La Force Aérienne n'était pas les seuls la.  Les pompiers, la Conservation, la Recherche et Secourt et la Police Monté étaient tous la aussi.  Je suis une Cadet d'aviation...alors la Force Aérienne est mon preferé.  Ils ont amenés l'Hélicopteur Griffon et on était permis d'aller dedans et voir comment ce marche.

This is a picture of a couple cadets and myself in front of the helicopter.  Excuse the uniform......

Ce photo est un photo de 2 cadets et moi devant un hélicopteur.  Excuser l'uniform.....

The military had been stationed here for awhile now.  They have different camps all over Squamish and Whistler.  Just recently they took over our local airport so that they are capable of controlling and monitoring who is in the airspace around the areas where the Olympic events are taking place.  They are here to make us feel safe and protected.  It is impossible to know what is going to happen during an event of this calibre.  In the unlikely event of a terrorist attack, we're covered.

La militaire avait stationé ici pendant des mois.  Ils ont les camps differentes autour de Squamish et Whislter.  Ils ont recentement pris notre aéroport locale pour qu'ils sont capable de controlé et voir qui est dans l'aérospace autour des regions ou il y a les evenements Olympiques.  Ils sont ici pour s'assuré que nous sommes sauf et protecter.  C'est impossible de savais qu'est qui va arriver durant un evenement si grande.  Si il y a un attaque terroriste, on peut n'inquieter pas.

These are photos of us with the Olympic mascots.

Ceux ici sont des photos de nous avec les mascots Olympiques.