Monday, January 11, 2010


A couple of weeks ago my mom and I hopped into the car and did a day-trip to Whistler. We had a few missions to complete in doing this spontaneous trip. We wanted to take a look at some of the Olympic Venues, see how much snow they had... compared to Squamish... we have none, and ,of course, go to the Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop... you can't go to Whistler without making a stop there. We were successful in all missions. I took photos to share with everyone as well.

Il y a 2 semaines, ma mere et moi avons decidé de conduit jusqu'a Whistler pour le jour. On avait plusieurs choses a faire dans ce coyage spontanie. Donner un coup d'oeil au les lieux Olympique, Voir si ils avaient beacoup de neige...comparé a Squamish...on a rien, et aller a le Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop...tu ne peut pas aller a Whistler sans aller là. On avait de sucès dans toutes nos affaires. J'ai pris quelques photos pour partager avec vous aussi.

This is the first picture I took. This is near the entrance of Whistler. It gives tourists directions to the Whistler Olympic Park as well as the Callaghan. Since most of the venues were closed I couldn't get nearly as many pictures as I would've liked. I'll keep trying to get more pictures!

Ca c'est las premier photo j'ai pris. C'est près de l'entrée de Whistler. Ce donne les touristes les directions aux la Parc Olympique de Whistler et la Callaghan. Beaucoup de les lieux Olympique était fermer, alors je n'ai pas pris beaucoup de photos. Je vais essayer de obtenir plus!

Keep checking back for more pictures from my adventure. While I'm at it, I'd like to share a photo from my own town with you. I'd like you to meet Sam...the giant logger/Olympic enthusiast. He is usually used to advertise for the local Logger Sports, but VANOC got him some Olympic mittens and a toque and now he's there for the world to see.

Revenir plus tard pour plus des photos de mon aventure. Pendant que j'ai fait ca, Je veux partager un photo de mon ville avec vous. Je veux vous rencontrer Sam... la bucheron / enthousiaste l'Olympique. Il est usualement utilisé pour faire de la publicité pour notre "Logger Sports", mais VANOC l'a donner les moufles et un chapeau Olympique et maintenant, il est là pour la monde a voir.

PS: As I mentioned above, we went to the Great Glass Elevator during our trip to Whistler. I just wanted to show you guys what we got while we were there......

na na na na na...I got candy and you don't.....hehehehe.....

PS: J'ai mentioné dans le commencement de cette poste que je suis allé a le Great Glass Elevator pendant notre voyage a Whistler. Je veux partager avec vous qu'est qu'on a obentu là....

na na na na na...J'ai les bon bons et tu n'as pas.....hehehehehe......


  1. Sounds like you had a great day trip. My school's annual Whistler trip is this week, and I'm excited to be there for the first time in 2010. :)

  2. I hope there's enough snow there for the events! It's funny how you hear about blizzards everywhere else in the world (New York, Korea, etc.) but there's none in Vancouver, the year we're hosting the Olympics!

  3. Hey Cheyenne - my son Sam 18 has just finished high school and is coming from Sydney Australia to be a youth volunteer at Whistler Olympic Park from 8 Feb before he starts University in March. Has been looking for accommodation with a family in Whistler but maybe has secured something in Squamish. (Fingers crossed) Would love to meet local youth volunteers. Should be interesting coming from our hot surfing summer!

  4. they ruined our beloved lumberjack:(

  5. J'ai regrette! La neige est stupide mais belle. Les Oympiques est fantastique! Ma favori sports est les surf du neiges, le patinage artistique, la nager et le hockey sur glace. Le patinage artistique est tres gracieux!


  6. Bonjour, J'aime beaucoup les jeux olympiques parce que Quatchi! Quatchi est bomb, magnifique, choutte, et sexy. J'aime le surf des neiges aussi.! SaidE12