Sunday, January 24, 2010

Talking with a Volunteer

This morning I had the chance to interview a lady who is volunteering at the Whistler Olympic Park during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Lynn Ledgerwood is one of thousands of VANOC volunteers who are making theses Olympic Games work.

As stated before, Lynn Ledgerwood will be stationed at the Whistler Olympic Park where she will be checking people in. Lynn didn't think there were going to be any jobs at all during the Olympic Games, but a couple of summers ago she started getting e-mails about becoming a volunteer. She was apprehensive about volunteering during the games because of her age and range of mobility, but she found out they were also looking for pre-games volunteers. Pre-games volunteers included being an interviewer or host. Interviewers interviewed potential volunteers for the Games and hosts helped with information and such as. Through pre-games volunteering, Lynn found out that there were many jobs during the Olympic Games that she could do as well.

Lynn has done many training sessions with the other volunteers of "Team 2010". "I don't really like buzz lines or catch phrases." Lynn expressed to me in our interview when she used the phrase loosely. Lynn has enjoyed these training sessions. "I've seen more of my old friends in the past couple years then I would've imagined." She said brightly.

When asked what she would most like to get out of this, Lynn told me she loves meeting new people. "The people part is really exciting." Along with volunteering, Lynn and her Husband have also offered there home in Whistler as housing for the families of athletes. They are most enthusiastic to house the Mckeever family whose son, Brian, is a visually impaired cross country skier, and their daughter, Robyn, is his guide.

I asked Lynn what her over-all opinion of the 2010 Olympic Games are. She thought for a minute before answering. "I think the games give elite athletes a chance to push themselves. I don't like the idea of "owning the podium" and this kind of security is a detriment, but I believe that since the Games are coming to our community, we need to do all we can to make them a success." Words of wisdom.

I'd like to thank the Ledgerwoods for opening their home to me and agreeing to an interview. I enjoyed getting their views on the Games and I was interested in finding out what kind of role the volunteers are playing during the games. I learnt that without these volunteers, the Olympic Games would be an impossible feat.

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  1. That is awesome that their housing the McKeevers. Soo cool!