Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Look How Far We've Come...

7 years ago it was announced that Vancouver would be hosting the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. That in itself was a turning point for a majority of the BC lower mainland. That being announced sent the province into overdrive with getting ready to host the world.

I live in Squamish... otherwise known as the McDonalds between Vancouver and Whistler. Now don't get me wrong, my town is beautiful, and before the Olympic Games, virtually unknown. My community and I have witnessed first hand, the major developments that have come hand in hand with the Olympic Games. We've had businesses pop-up out of nowhere, and more housing developments than you can shake a stick at! Our little town of 13,000 got a major make over in the past 7 years. Our notorious highway, the Sea to Sky, was made-over. Not just because of 2010... it needed to be done, but the Olympic Games definitely jump-started it. Tourism has also been enhanced. People from all around the world are coming to see the home of the 2010 Olympic Games.

Now don't call me sour... but what's going to happen after the games? What's going to happen after everybody leaves and the Olympic Games get moved somewhere else? We are going to be a well developed town with no one to witness it. There is no way all these new housing developments are going to be full up after 2010. What's going to happen to us?

After all is said and done, I guess we can still call ourselves the home of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

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