Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why I Should Be a Student Reporter for the 2010 Olympics!

Hey everyone out there in blogger land!

Hi! My name is Cheyenne Smith. I am 15 years old and I love the winter and it's snowy weather!
I never considered doing a blog until I saw this amazing chance to become a student reporter for the 2010 Olympics! Living in Squamish BC, I've seen the whole process of the Olympics coming build in-front of me. Everything from the changes in my community to the changes in Vancouver and Whistler! I really want to be a part of this amazing experience, I mean it's not everyday you get a chance to see the Olympics in the comfort of your home province! I'm fascinated and I really want to be a part of this beautiful event!

I attend Don Ross Secondary School. I have been in French Immersion for 5 years now. I am bilingual and I absolutely love the language. I look forward to using it to my advantage!

I am in the 835 Griffin Air Cadets! With the Cadets I am trying to get my Glider Pilot's Licence this summer. I am in Ground School at the moment and I will be taking the entrance exam in December! This past summer I spent 3 weeks at CFB Comox taking the Introduction to Aviation Course (ITAC) It's the pre-cursor course that you take before going to get your Glider Pilot's Licence or Power Pilot's Licence.

I love the outdoors. Whether it's mountain biking or hiking The Chief. I enjoy the outdoors. The sounds, the smell the view! It's absolutely gorgeous!

I am also a musician. I play the guitar, saxophone and I sing. I love performing at the local Music Showcase at Gelato Carina. It is a wonderful way to showcase the various talents in Squamish. I am also a member of The Sound Youth Choir, which is the local youth community choir.

I like to be involved in my community and I would LOVE to have the chance to experience the 2010 Olympic Winter Games as a student reporter! I love public speaking and I think student reporters a great way to get more youth interested in the Olympics.

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. I sent one comment and it did not register so here is another one. I hope you have lots of fun with this and I wish you luck.